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December 2014

Summer Sounds Volume 4 [MC] Black Betty [MC AUS] Lovely Days [MC AUS] Englisman In New York [MC] Night Of The Full Moon [7"] Sucker DJ  [7" PROMO MEX] Ooh What A Night [7" SWE] If I Could make You Mine [7" PROMO ESP] She's a Devil [7" NLD] Love Is Contagious [12" PROMO] Something Heavy Going Down [12"] Hear Of Me [12" FRA] Let's Have A Party [12" FRA] Ooh What A Night [12" GRC] Todo Funky [CDM PROMO ESP] Hear Of Me [CDS FRA] Grand 12 Inches 12 [4CD NLD] Hitmakers volume 47 [CD PROMO CAN] Decadance 4 + 5 [CD] From Here Through The Midlands [CD] When The Lights Go Out [2CD] Alexander O'Neal - The Very Best Of [2CD] DMC 379 Commercial Collection  [2CD PROMO UK] DMC 380 Commercial Collection  [2CD ENG] DMC 382 Commercial Collection [2CD ENG] DMC Dance Music Classics Unmixed [CD ENG] Todo Funky [MC ESP]